Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Yesterday, while I was hanging up washing in the garden, I heard a lark singing.  The sound transported me to sunny, blue sky days of summer.  Hooray!  Well today, we have the blue skies but the temperatures have dropped - AGAIN.  So, to gladden the heart and embrace the cold, here are some glorious snowdrops from the woods on the Smeaton Estate, near East Linton.


  1. These are beautiful! So cheering on a cold, snowy February day here. Ellen in Oregon

    1. Greetings Ellen, from a cold and frosty Scotland! Siberian winds are promised for next week and I can't say I am looking forward to those one little bit! This winter seems to be going on for EVER! Roll on the gentle, pretty days of spring - can't wait! Thank you for visiting the running wave. A

  2. WOW!!!! Such a wonderful carpeting of Snowdrops, the best I've seen in a long while. In this area, some of the village greens have stunning displays of Snowdrops each year and last year they seemed outstanding, large clumps of them all over the green centre of the village and many more clumps in the cottage gardens surrounding the green. This year, not quite such a good display but I have no doubt they will be refreshed next Spring.
    Thank you for such beautiful photographs.

  3. Looks beautiful-so glad to see the lovely snowdrops!
    Hope all is well? X