Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Outer garden notes

The purpose of the outer garden was to provide some waving stems, which could be seen above the wall when sitting at the dining table (mission accomplished), and more importantly, to provide some flowers for pollinators.  The lavenders, fennel, wild carrot, verbena bonariensis and various other bits have all been doing their bit to attract the bees, masses of hoverflies, and butterflies.  Mission accomplished there too!  Hooray!
The wild carrot has produced a flower more lovely than I could possibly imagine!  Each inflorescence seems to vary from its neighbour.  It really is a beautiful plant and I am hoping it will self-seed wherever it feels like!
My new raised bed has disappeared under a mountain of nasturtiums!  Otherwise, the two courgette plants and three Sungold cherry tomato plants are fruiting away, the perpetual spinach has been panicked by the hot weather and started to flower, and the butternut squash plant is threatening to take over the planet!  

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