Saturday, 21 July 2012

Budding artist in the family!

My youngest grandson is proving to be a bit of a budding artist.  His class teacher clearly thought so when she set her young pupils the task of copying Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' and he produced his interpretation with a considerable amount of flair.  We agree with her and I am certainly very proud of his efforts, so much so that I am going to show you here!  He has really looked at the copy of the original (the real one being in the Museum of Modern Art in New York) and observed the mark making and use of colour. 

Here's the master's version
and this is what the young 6 year old pupil saw,
with a considerable eye for colour too.
And here is an original still life which I absolutely love!
Maybe not be sunflowers but I would say he's getting there.

Anyway, the praise that the young artist has received has really stimulated his interest in Van Gogh, so much so that last week he came along with us to the private view of the new exhibition at the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh, Van Gogh to Kandinksy, which he really enjoyed.  I think some of the older attendees were rather tickled to see such a young child taking a lively interest in the paintings!  It's a good exhibition if you are able to go.  

He's off to a Picasso exhibition next month so goodness knows what he'll make of that!

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  1. My dear friend Jane - no mean artist/photographer herself - is here from South Africa and we have been looking at the young prodigy's paintings. We are SO impressed. And how wonderful that he has a grandma who will nurture all that talent.