Saturday, 14 July 2012


Goodness me, the beach was a busy place this afternoon!  

This morning the weather was dire.  More grey skies, rain, and the air was unseasonably cold. More like Melbourne in winter!  However this afternoon in our little corner of Scotland the skies cleared and the sun shone down.  This clearly winkled a reasonable number of people out of their homes and by the time Tilly and I got to the beach there was all sorts of stuff going on.  Take a look.

I think this chap was trying to kite ski.  There wasn't really enough wind but full marks for trying!
A mum on the ever-present mobile.  
A driftwood installation.
Actually there were two.
Fishermen, of course.
A beach party.
A surfer.  The waves weren't that big but he was persistent and caught a few.
A guy with a paddleboard who eventually went out to sea quite a long way, considering the size of the board.  No great whites in our part of the world, thank goodness!
Tilly did a spot of digging.
There were others poking about in rock pools, some just standing and gazing out to sea, a few real walkers and a handful of people like me wandering along, enjoying the sight and sound of the running waves.  Lovely.

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  1. Beautiful coastline..lovely photos!