Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Tuesday morning in Autumn

There are no special plans for today.  It's just a normal Tuesday.  Just before eight o'clock this morning I walked down the drive with the (grand)children to wait for the school bus.  It's a bright sunny day with a cold wind blowing across the fields.  We played the usual round of guessing games and had a competition to stare each other out.  The wind catching the corner of our eyes made it tricky and there were one or two disappointed losers!  

After the children were whisked away to school on the bus, I walked round the block with Tilly. The sky is a lovely washed pale blue today and I saw a small squadron of swans, twelve in all, flying along a couple of fields away.  They are fabulous birds and the shape of their flight always reminds me of Concord.  There were also the familiar skeins of geese on their daily Autumn commute, their V-shaped flight pattern constantly changing as they nattered and chattered their way across the sky.

I am relieved to know that the weather down south has settled after the ravages of yesterday. What a very sad and tragic day for a number of families who have lost their loved ones to the storm.  Lives changed for ever.  I do know though, from my own experience, that contrary to how one is feeling, the sun continues to shine and that helps a lot.  Today is a new day and here is some glowing Autumn colour to give a little much needed light for those families.

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