Saturday, 26 October 2013

Spicing things up a bit

... in the kitchen!  

Have you come across Seasoned Pioneers? (  It's a brilliant company selling spices from all around the world, online.  I heard a programme about it on the radio some years ago.  It all began with a young chap who loved to travel and every time he got home his backpack was full of wonderful spices which were not available in the UK, and that gave him the idea for his company based in the Wirral.  
You can find a handful of their spices and mixes (e.g. Ras-El Hanout, barbeque rubs, sauces etc) in some supermarkets but the range they offer from their website is jaw dropping.  You can take a little trip round the world just from the comfort of your laptop, picking up recipes on the way.  The spices are sold in small quantities in dinky ziplock sachets so that the contents stay fresh for as long as possible.  If, like me, your mind is turning to a spot of cooking in preparation for Christmas (cake, pudding, mincemeat etc) then you might like to check this company out.  

I wonder if they would like any fennel seeds from this year's crop in the garden!

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