Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Marrakech, Day Three

I was keen to take some photographs of some doors and details along the route to the big square. I snapped a few pictures as we made our way along the street. 

One of the favourite tourist destinations on a visit to Marrakech is Jardin Marjorelle.  The property was developed by Jacques Marjorelle, a Frenchman who came to Marrakech in 1919. Subsequently Yves Saint Laurent acquired the house and garden and it is now held in trust and its future assured.  We decided to walk there from our riad.  Once out of the Medina it was not a very enjoyable walk but it helped to work off some of the delicious almond and orange flower water pastries we had overdosed on the night before!
Jardin Marjorelle is planted up with a multitude of cacti, succulent plants, palms and bamboo.  All very structural but not pretty, except for the shocking pink of the bougainvillaea set against the wonderful blue.
We left the garden and walked back, using a circuitous route, to the Medina for a last round of Christmas shopping.  We ignored the road sign for Casablanca.  It was not on our agenda!
We got completely lost in the souk, ran around like a couple of headless chickens for a while but eventually found our way back to the market place where we had been on Day Two.  We had a very late lunch which was extremely welcome before setting off and getting lost again. 

By the time we emerged again into the big square it was dark.  My daughter was delighted!  The night market had been set up and whether I liked it or not, we were out after dark!  The twenty minute walk back to our riad along a dubious route was unavoidable so we shrugged shoulders and found ourselves sitting at one of the long trestle tables set up with small rounds of flat bread and bottles of Sprite or Coca Cola and ordered yet more food! 
We flew home the next morning.  Here is our last look at the street by the riad and then Morocco from the air on our way back to foggy Gatwick!  

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