Saturday, 1 February 2014

1 February 2014

The first day of February and already there are minuscule but perceptible changes in the length of the daylight hours, and this morning the sun had a little warmth in it at last.  Tilly and I went for a walk on Belhaven Beach.  It was beautiful, as always.  The tide was low just after nine o'clock and the fine weather had called to a number of dog walkers, parents with young children and about half a dozen surfers to come and enjoy the vast expanse of sand and the magnificent waves.  

This is where Biel Water runs out into the sea.
The photo above isn't looking sharp because it's water and not sky!  Very painterly and rather lovely I thought!  However the one below is the sky but taken by mistake!  My new camera takes photos all by itself!  If I touch the viewing screen it takes a snap!  So far they have all been deleted but I quite liked this one.

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