Sunday, 2 February 2014

A sunny Sunday walk

I promise I am not gloating because my heart goes out to those parts of Britain where the weather is diabolical this weekend, but we have had a beautiful day today.  Lots of sunshine and as I write, a delicate and pretty sunset.

Tilly and I went to Ravensheugh Sands today.  It is my favourite beach.  It was looking magnificent and the waves were wonderful.  I can't resist them so I am sorry but there are more photos of waves.  But, hey, this is the running wave!

There are some great rock formations around the small headland at the eastern end of the beach. There is some wonderful colour in the rocks and also in the lichens.  I pulled a little cube of red out of the rock face below, at the same time very conscious of the fact it had been there for millions of years.  I felt like a bit of a vandal.  The colour is intense and I want to see if I can draw with it, without tearing the paper to shreds!
There is a handsome steading building by the parking area for Tyninghame Links and Ravensheugh beach.  It has been for sale for years and is slowly sinking into sad disrepair.  The fabric of the building is red sandstone, which has been used a lot throughout farms buildings and villages in this part of the world.  It is a glorious colour and glows warmly in the sunshine. 

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