Saturday, 15 February 2014

A real winter treat

One of our routes into North Berwick is currently a favourite with me.  There is steep twisty bit where the road turns sharply to the left.  Just before it becomes dark and shady there are carpets of snowdrops on either side of the road.  They are just so delicious to see and definitely enough to make my heart sing.  I keep thinking about all the poor souls in the south and south west of England, battling with such appalling weather and the devastation of their homes.  Over the past few weeks, in this little corner of south east Scotland, we have come off remarkably lightly, weatherwise, but down south it just seems to go from bad to worse.  So these snowdrops are for those dealing with all the ghastliness.
And here is this evening's sunset, because the colours through the bare trees were so amazing.

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