Thursday, 1 June 2017

Holiday photo album!

I took hundreds and hundreds of photographs during our wonderful holiday on Colonsay.  It has taken a little while to find time to sit down and trawl through them all, but here, in addition to the photos already posted, are my abiding images of everything that went to make up a perfect holiday.

Occupying an area of 11,409 acres, Colonsay offers all of this, and much much more!
A little something I left behind on the morning of our departure!
Leaving Colonsay, and looking back at the island's simple outline, it is hard to believe this modest land mass holds all the wonders shown above, not to mention its history.  The best bit is, it will all be there when we go back this time next year.  Before the ferry left, we were all booked up and ready to do it all over again!  Hooray!


  1. Thank you so much for all the photos which give a real flavour of life on Colonsay. As you say, it's remarkable that such a small area holds such a variety of flora and fauna - and the history is fascinating (you sparked my interest so that I just had to research as much as I could). Living in Cornwall, I'm never going to get to see Colonsay 'in the flesh', so I am really grateful to see it through your camera. Thank you - Rosemary xx

  2. Lovely photo gallery of your time on Colonsay! Very amused by the sheep! Funny creatures! X

  3. Super photos, what a lovely little isle, thanks for sharing x