Sunday, 4 June 2017

In memorium

I have just finished watching Ariana Grande's One Love tribute concert in Manchester this evening.  At short notice, she put together an impressive line up, and for me the brilliant Coldplay stole the show!  As always, the supremely energetic Chris Martin bounced and skipped around the stage like a crazy man, and the band's music was easily the best!  
There are no words for the reason why this concert took place.


  1. What a fantastic concert it was, too. As you say, Chris Martin's energy was amazing - I couldn't help but admire his non-stop performance and he and his group certainly didn't need the warm coats that many of the other artists needed! For such a young woman, Ariana did extremely well in bringing together such an array of artists for this concert. I 'enjoyed' it, if that's the correct word to use when I found it so emotional. Quite a few tears shed tonight.

    1. I've just added an extra line to that post. It only says what wasn't there before (if you get my drift) that there are no words for the reason why that concert took place. What a world we live in. Past generations will have said the same, I know, but this is our world, here and now, and despite being unbelievably beautiful it is also a very painful place to live in so many ways. I suppose there will always be a minority of people who will always try to impose their lack of humanity and vile behaviour on the rest of us. Truth always triumphs in the end.

  2. Never a truer word! Absolutely tragic what has happened in Manchester and London!
    Why do we let those on 'watch list' and those with known connections reside in the U.K.?
    Why are they allowed to support these groups in public parks? There democratic right, freedom of speech..... if they want to die in the name of their religion- they should start with themselves!!!! Without innocents being involved!
    The tribute was beautiful- respectful and huge shout out to all involved!
    Tragedy brings out unity! It's a shame our beautiful homeland has pockets of sheer evil!
    Keep looking forward.... wise words from a wise lady! X