Monday, 19 June 2017

Final fling

Another sweltering day at the Borders Books Festival in Melrose, but we enjoyed the company of masses of festival goers, all eagerly buying their books in the shop - where we quietly melted in the heat behind the credit card machine! 
We had record attendances for Steve Backshall - naturally - with the longest book signing queue of the festival!  
After that I managed to sneak off from my post in the bookshop to listen to gardener Carol Klein, tracing the seasons in her beautiful Devon cottage garden.  Here she is, passing on some pearls of gardening wisdom at her book signing session!
And then the giant - Michael Parkinson, interviewed by his son, and enrapturing his audience. 
By the time we had packed up the books at the end of the evening, it was well after 11 pm, and after such a boiling hot day I decided to give the wrap party a miss, and tiptoed off to my B&B to have a refreshing shower before collapsing into bed!  Four long exhausting days, but ones I wouldn't have missed for the world.  Three cheers for the Borders Book Festival.  Looking forward to next year's now!