Monday, 11 September 2017

A changing landscape

It is almost mid-September and the countryside is looking very different from only one month ago.  The cereal crops are being harvested and the fields are criss-crossed with tractor tracks, carving through the fine lines drilled with the crop earlier in the year.  Tilly is not keen on walking in newly cut fields.  The stubble is prickly and uncomfortable for her, so she trots along the track made by one giant tractor tyre and I walk along the other.  Ted isn't bothered either way!

The neighbouring field of barley was still in the process of being cut when I went to photograph the straw megaliths, which had been left across the landscape.  
In the far distance you can see the three Forth bridges, 
and behind the combine harvester, Arthur's Seat looms.


  1. So lovely to see proper bales of straw. Unlike here, where they are these huge circular ones...always think..How do they fit into a square barn!?
    Such a September scene.

  2. As always, your photos are works of art. Those bales are so much more photogenic than the plastic covered round ones which are the norm around here.

  3. Thank you for that lovely comment! Much appreciated. We do have some of the round roly poly bales in this part of the world too. But the rectangular ones remind me of when I was young and they would be piled up in my uncle's Dutch barn, and we would make camps inside the stacks, and then, with uncharacteristic bravery, I can remember jumping from the top of the barn into a huge pile of loose straw at the bottom. My father was watching, so I tried not to let on that I twisted my ankle when I landed!!! Didn't do that again! A x