Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The Queensferry Crossing

I remember crossing over the Firth of Forth on the brand new Forth Road Bridge, on the day it opened on 4 September 1964.  We were on holiday, staying with family in Edinburgh.  And now, fifty three years later, to the day, the Queen has opened the ethereally beautiful Queensferry Crossing, which spans the river a short distance upstream from the old road bridge.

The new bridge has set a number of records already, https://www.theforthbridges.org/queensferry-crossing/facts-and-figures/.  One staggering statistic is that the length of cabling used to support the span of the bridge would very nearly stretch all the way round the world.  The bridge has taken six years to complete, and amazingly came in under budget.  Scotland is not generally known for its under budget projects - the Scottish Parliament building and also the Edinburgh trams spring to mind!!!  Last July I took a few photographs of work in progress.
The finished item really is a thing of beauty.  The white cabling gives a ghostly appearance, and on a bright day, in the early morning sun, I can see the bridge in the far distance, when I am out walking with the dogs.  


  1. The white cabling gives the bridge the appearance of tall ships with their sails up. Beautiful construction.

  2. Wow! It really is beautiful and those white cables were a brilliant idea from someone who, I guess, shall always remain nameless. The dark sky was the ideal background for your very atmospheric photos. Well done!

  3. I think it is pretty spectacular! The 'sails' remind me of the vane of a very large white feather. Looking forward to our first drive across it. At the moment it is still not open to the pubic, I think that will be from tomorrow, Thursday. There's a battalion of police vehicles preventing anyone from accessing the bridge itself.

  4. Enjoy the trip across once it has opened.