Friday, 22 February 2013

A trip down memory lane!

One of our most favourite places from our first visit to Melbourne was the allotment site down in St Kilda.  It used to be a peanut farm but it is now a community allotment garden with art studios along one side.  It's a completely crazy place and my post of 21 June 2012 shows quite a number of photos to illustrate the point.  This is no average allotment site.  

With only a small apology for the number of photographs shown now, I hope you enjoy this second jaunt around St Kilda's Community Gardens!
Last year this lady was wearing some grassy headgear - not quite sure what this arrangement is meant to be but it's made of rope.
 Tansy girl!
A rather wonderful gate into the ground has appeared over the last year and it has some beautiful yellow resin pears dripping from it's rusted steel tendrils.

There were not a huge number of vegetables growing on the site, possibly because summer is nearing its end here.  I saw a few French beans, purple beans and rather more runner beans than my harvest last year (just one!!!!), a butternut squash that was quite literally the size of a baby hippo, some small white aubergines, herbs and various other bits and pieces.
There is a buzzy bee in this photo.  If you are good at 'Where's Wally? you will be able to find it easily!
There was one cool and summery corner of the gardens which had wonderful zinnias, white cosmos and it reminded me of my grandmother, she loved zinnias, and a summer's day in an English garden.  It was lovely.
I don't think much gets past these two!
How I would LOVE to be able to grow basil like this - armfuls of the stuff.  
There's even a kitchen for the Aussie faction of the Borrowers!
I love the freedom of expression on this allotment site.  Lots of little tiny details as well as big crazy artistic statements, all mixed up with flowers and vegetables.  It makes your heart sing.

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