Saturday, 16 February 2013

Mini cafe culture

I talked about the popularity of the coffee/cafe culture in Melbourne last time we were here.  It is still absolutely massive with hundreds of brilliant cafes around the city producing wonderful food and coffee.  

Going out for breakfast, brunch, lunch or whatever is almost certainly going to be a family affair for many and they really cater well for small customers here.  We went to a cafe called Balderdash in Port Melbourne yesterday where they serve a babycino - frothed milk with a sprinkling of chocolate on top and a marshmallow.  From the size of the marshmallow you will note the tiny cup and saucer!
In Fancy Pantry they offer Baby Bear sized table and chairs 
and at Jock's Ice Cream parlour pint size can get a mini ice cream cone (bit of a fuzzy photo, sorry!).
But back in Balderdash woe betide any parent who forgets themselves!

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