Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Curiouser and curiouser

We've only been here a week and have already come across a couple of interesting wedding choices!  

When we visited the Botanical Gardens last week there was a wedding taking place in a romantic lakeside setting.  Later, as we were leaving the gardens we saw the bride and groom and photographer setting off for the Shrine of Remembrance which was to form the back drop to their official 'just married' set of photographs for the album.  All very nice and a classic choice.  It was a stinking hot day so imagine our amazement when we spied this lot underneath the bride's dress. Why???  Was she planning a quick getaway on the off chance she had a change of heart?
Yesterday we went into town to explore some of the laneways which are meccas for those with spray cans and graffiti on their minds - more of that later, but imagine our amazement/puzzlement when we came across these two preparing for their wedding photos to be taken in a really rather grotty little street across the road from Federation Square.  There was a fine drizzle coming down, excitable teenagers and a few tourists like us snapping away with our cameras, and also a group of art students with their tutor giving instruction on the finer detail of graffiti.  A busy, grubby street and an interesting choice for the bride and groom, but no doubt they chose this place with care!

And with the horrendous cost of a wedding these days here's a good way to avoid printing and postage costs for the invitations!  

I suppose it takes all sorts, and actually it's one of the reasons we love Australia!  It has that chilled out approach to life which is so appealing.  

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