Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Beautiful graffiti

I've got a couple more posts to offer on the graffiti of Melbourne.  For this post I have some photos which I hope show the more beautiful aspects of graffiti.
Tools of the trade, and you can just see the sketchbook which is full of brilliant ideas and drawings - the French chap below showed us his work.  It was impressive.  These are not fly by night chancers!
 Union Lane - a graffiti mecca which is full of tourists snapping away with their cameras.
This lady has become a bit of an icon.  She is on the cover of a recently published book 'Flavours of Urban Melbourne'.  Along with all the brilliant cafes this book is everywhere in Melbourne at the moment.
I was hoping to see a koala when I was in Coffs Harbour, because they are in the woods up there, but I think this little chap is the closest I am going to get on this trip.
I love colour and the use of colour is always vivid and quite amazing on the walls of graffiti.

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