Saturday, 30 March 2013

.... a white Easter???

We arrived home on Tuesday and it was still snowing.  It was snowing when we left, apparently it has snowed almost every day of the six weeks we have been away, and each morning since we got back we have woken to yet another fresh fall of snow.  It really is most bizarre.  The sun has shone too, and melted away most of the snow during the day, ready to start all over again overnight.

However, Tilly and I have been walking every day and it has been lovely to catch up with the countryside.  Very little seems to have changed while we have been away.  I was expecting daffodils to be in evidence and I would pick some for Easter.  As it turns out the snowdrops are still blooming
and colour has not yet returned to the edges of the fields but I love the movement the winds of winter have instilled into these reeds.
Yesterday we went for a walk on the beach at North Berwick.  The tide was so low that the harbour was empty of water.  I couldn't resist the rare opportunity to take a little peep inside.  
At the moment the backdrop to our East Lothian landscape are the snow covered Lammermuir Hills.  This afternoon my eldest grandson and I walked up Traprain Law. We enjoyed meeting the pack of 11 Exmoor ponies who roam wild on the law and looking out across the landscape.
 In the distance, behind this pony, you can see Arthur's Seat rising up from the midst of Edinburgh.
 When I was young, at Easter time, we would always go for family walks along the Basingstoke Canal near Dogmersfield in Hampshire and pick big bunches of primroses.  Or walk through the copse on my uncle's farm near Odiham and return home with pretty collections of primroses, violets and cowslips.  Those posies mean Easter to me far more than chocolate.  Easter isn't Easter without a bunch of primroses.  We have a handful of clumps in the garden and I won't be able to resist picking a few flowers tomorrow morning.  One of the plants has been in bloom since Christmas!
Happy Easter.

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