Friday, 23 August 2013

23 August 1988

Twenty five years ago today my brother and I lost our sister in a car crash which happened on the A30 in Cornwall.  I am not sure where the time has gone since our world was turned upside down. Certainly life during the intervening years has lost some of its colour and sparkle because my sister was a shining girl and we will always miss her.

These sweet peas are for Lucy.  Her favourite flower was the iris but I don't have any in the garden.  The colour of these comes close though, and they smell amazing.

And I can't miss this opportunity to say again that Nigel Kennedy will be whipping up a storm on his violin this evening during the BBC Prom on BBC 4.  I am going to take the liberty of dedicating all the amazing sounds you will hear during the concert to Lucy.  Many seasons have passed since we laughed and raised a glass together but she remains forever young.

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  1. Raising a glass to dear Lucy, even though it's morning and has to be something sensible like elderflower cordial. Might have something stronger to accompany Nigel, though. Much love winging its way to you, Mrs Gaucho, to the god-daughter Lucy and I share, and to all the family. . . DX