Saturday, 24 August 2013

Vivacious Vivaldi

So, did you watch the Four Seasons Prom last night?  I was glued to the television from start to finish.  
The concert did not disappoint.  How could it?  I knew what it was going to sound like from hearing the radio transmission of the live performance, but to see it was just wonderful.  I have never sat through a whole televised prom before.  The musicians sit and play and it's all lovely but I fidget a lot and because I am at home I can get up and do something else at the same time.  There is not the extra dimension to keep me sitting on the edge of my seat as there was last night.
Nigel Kennedy's production was very different.  It was visual as well as wonderful to hear.  
The young Palestinian players, especially his 15 year old protege Mostafa Saad, were inspiring, especially when you consider the conditions under which they are trying to learn and develop their talent as serious musicians.  It's not something you can imagine is easily achieved alongside every day life in the Gaza Strip.  The experience of performing in the Royal Albert Hall must have been extraordinary for them and I was fascinated to watch their faces as the programme progressed.  
There was some singing in Arabic.  I have no idea what he was saying but his performance was riveting.  It was beautiful and haunting.  It brought to my mind the tragic souls suffering so much throughout the Arab world.  The young man's face, as he sang, was raptuous but also seemed sorrowful and indeed there is much to be heartbroken about in that region of the world.  I wonder if the audience felt the same.  Their applause was genuine and generous.
Magical.  The concert is saved on the Sky box and will be played many times over.  I just hope that someone brings out a recording on CD.  I've set my heart on it!

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