Wednesday, 28 August 2013

In a turbulent world

I am not being flippant but in a turbulent world it is always very reassuring when the village flower and vegetable show comes along again.  I can't believe it's a year since I chatted about last year's event, and with the preoccupations we must all surely have concerning Syria, I think we need these constant reminders that, come hell or high water, flowers will always bloom, vegetables will always grow and it is very important to have the best dahlia or the most gigantic leek.

Every fruit and veg show has to have a lady in a big hat, and here she is.
She was handing out the silverware to the prizewinners.  I rather suspect one village gentleman must have a very large mantelpiece or corner cabinet because he was the sole exhibitor in a few categories and must have staggered away from the proceedings with a considerable haul!
Only one in five of us uses leaf tea these days.  That statistic includes our household.  We don't hold with tea bags, unless it's a fruity one!  I find the category of knitted tea cosy particularly charming but can't help wondering how much longer the teapot is going to be needing it's woolly pullover before the tea bag attains world domination.  
The blue pansy in this last photo reminds me of those glowing Art Deco pictures made with butterfly wings.  

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  1. Loose tea here too: Assam, with a smidgen of Earl Grey in the morning, and Darjeeling in the afternoon . . . made in a vintage (1930s) teapot, which has its own matching stand. There's posh!