Sunday, 7 September 2014

A trip to the West Country

We are on a little jaunt down to the West Country.  We left home yesterday morning, driving down through the glorious border country to Carlisle.  We took a detour off the M6 to visit Sedbergh, a small town nestled in amongst the most westerly hills of the Yorkshire Dales.  The motorway is out of sight in this photo, running along down below the hill in the foreground.  The hills are the Yorkshire Dales
lying in herringbone folds away into the distance.
 The southern tip of the Lake District is in the far distance of this photograph.
Sedbergh is in the Yorkshire Dales, in the county of Cumbria, with a Lancashire postcode!  It's a lovely little place, home of Sedbergh School, and we enjoyed a quiet walk round before carrying on with our journey south.
The town is surrounded by hills, rising up behind the houses to the north, visible in the distance the south.
We left Sedbergh and drove back down a remarkably quiet M6 to our overnight pit stop at the Travel Lodge, just south of the M6 Toll turn-off.  Tilly slept well!

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