Sunday, 7 September 2014

Heading west - day two

Having spent an outrageous £6.50 for two cups of coffee in Costa at the motorway services, we continued our journey south and west.  Again, the traffic was light and by lunchtime we reached our destination, in the wooded valleys of mid-Devon.  The sun shone gently in a soft blue sky.  
It great to be here again.  It is very peaceful!  
Today has been a beautiful early Autumn day, with a golden light and some lovely colours emerging in the woods and along the hedgerows.    

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  1. Lovely autumnal colours, I think your photography is great and I really enjoy the way you follow the seasons. Sometimes I think Cornwall only has two - cold and wet, or warm and wet! At least up in Scotland you have the distinction of winter, and by the looks of it lots of great blue sky! Antonia x