Friday, 19 September 2014

Last few days of the hols

Our last day in Devon dawned rather differently for me.  I was going to make my debut on national radio!  Three weeks before I had responded to a request from the presenters of Radio 3's Breakfast programme, for the piece of music which had stopped listeners in their tracks, a heart stopper, life changer.  I have such a piece.  Parce mihi, Domine, music composed by Cristobal de Morales and performed by Norwegian saxophonist, Jan Gabarek, together with the choral group, the Hilliard Ensemble.  I emailed the BBC, didn't hear anything, but I am used to that!  I quite often drop them an email which gets swallowed up in the myriad of communications they must receive.  Anyway, on Wednesday last week, we returned from a walk and I found an email from Breakfast's producer, inviting me to introduce the piece on the programme on Friday morning.   I was all of a twitter, rather dumbfounded, but I had a short conversation with Petroc Trelawney, and made my rather faltering introduction to this supremely peaceful and inspiring music, a fusion of ancient and modern sound.  You can hear it here (close your eyes, you definitely don't need the naff video!).  Enjoy…. and de-stress.  Bliss.

Friday morning in Totnes means market time.  I love Totnes market.  It is vibrant, diverse, colourful, and full of the characters who have made their home in the area, which is renowned for embracing alternative lifestyles.  
We used to go to Hope Cove for holidays when I was very young.  This chair cover was the closest I got to Hope Cove during this visit, but I look forward to visiting next time we are in Devon.  I have great memories of our happy times spent there.
On Friday afternoon we took our leave of Totnes and Devon and drove up to spend the weekend with my brother and his family in the Cotswolds.  They live in the unspoilt, less manicured, westerly part of the Cotswolds.  The fields around the house are completely unspoilt, full of wild flowers, now mostly at seed head stage, which is good news for next year, 
and in the strips along the edge of the fields which have been sown for cover, there was the most incredible range of flowers and grasses.
To decorate the house, for a Sunday lunch party, my sister-in-law and I picked a few sunflowers and they did look lovely, bringing some sunshine to the last day of our holiday.

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  1. Such a beautiful piece of music and singing, calming and uplifting. I'd love to hear it in a huge room filling the whole space. Great choice! x