Sunday, 21 September 2014

Healthy competition

My three young grandsons played in a rugby tournament today.  They all did really well, although the oldest boy got a finger trampled on, which caused him to withdraw from the competition half way through.  He played well, though, scoring a try in the early stages of his first game for his new school club. 
The younger two and their team got through to the final in their group.  They were runners-up, which didn't impress them much, but they received a medal each for their effort, so that placated them a little!

It was a lovely afternoon.  Golden autumn sunshine warmed our backs and, best of all, the Act of Union Beeches, on the east side of North Berwick law, are still standing!!!  Hooray!
And to start the week off in colourful fashion, here is some delicious Autumn colour from the garden.

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