Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A little out of sync

It's nothing to do with the eleven hour time difference between Melbourne and East Lothian, I just forgot to post these photos, which I took just before we left home last Wednesday morning. 

I always think there is something rather lovely about roses in winter time.  There were five of these beauties out in our garden on the morning we left for summertime down under.  I wanted to remember them, and after I photographed them, I cut them and put them in a vase on my daughter's dressing table.  I wonder if they are still going.  Probably not.  Winter flowers last so much longer outside, and keel over rather quickly once they are brought indoors, but I hope she enjoyed them for a day or two at least!


  1. They look great against the red and brown leaves, glad to see you've arrived safely. Antonia x

  2. It's good to be here! Weather is a bit hit and miss, as always with Melbourne, but generally pretty hot and sunny. Good thunder storm last night, which lasted for about 5 hours, on and off! We've been out on the graffiti trail today. You will probably know from my previous visits, and posts, that we are rather partial to good graffiti! A new post coming up, with one other beforehand! A x