Thursday, 4 December 2014

Getting in the Christmas spirit - down under

This is my idea of Christmas decorations!  Big bunches of holly, with ivy trailing through, and holly sprigs over picture frames.  
In the southern hemisphere it's all a bit different.  Here are a few snaps of Christmas decs, Melbourne-style.

Someone's front door,
Victorian arcades in downtown Melbourne,
Christmas lights on Bourke Street,
a municpal building, all wrapped up 
Father Christmas, as you have never seen him before,
 white bulbs, like bubbles, strung overhead at Queen Victoria Market,
 and a message plastered across Flinders Street Station.
I thinking I am being a bit churlish, and I am sure it all looks a bit more thrilling at night time, but, for me, the colours don't exactly zing or sparkle.  

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