Friday, 5 December 2014

Graffiti trail, part 2

Seeking out graffiti means exploring some fairly grotty parts of a city - its alleys and back streets. These are not places I would normally be seen!  However, if you want to find a little gem, you have to go searching.  The kind of graffiti shown in the photo below is not the kind of thing I enjoy.  In fact it is probably exactly what gives this art form a bad name - random scrawling all over anything that doesn't move - it's vandalism really. 
 But in amongst it all, there are fun things to be found,
and impressive work which requires enormous skill and vision.
I am not sure how they do the sort of image shown below.  It looks like a transfer but you don't see the same thing all over the place, so maybe it's not!  I must try and find out.
Some of this stuff isn't graffiti, it's just decoration.  The back alleys are not nice, so anything is an improvement!
Some use graffiti to ask a question, or demonstrate their angst about something!
 I woz 'ere too.
I had an art tutor once, who said that colour was her oxygen.  I think it's mine too, so pieces like this really ring my bell!
Some graffiti is rather more like an installation than just paint on a wall.
More corrugated iron,
and a rampant squash plant!

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