Thursday, 4 December 2014

Saturday night noodle

Last Saturday evening was the penultimate Night Noodle Market, on the banks of the Yarra River. We parked on the opposite of the river, crossing over by Federation Square, and then joined the shuffle of like-minded foodies, as they wended their way towards the mayhem which was the night noodle market!!
The queues for each stall were horrendous, and with our little granddaughter in tow, it wasn't an option to stand and be patient!  However, at the far end the crowds had dwindled a bit and we bought some very delicious dishes from this Vietnamese stall, and then retired to a very salubrious spacious corner, by the waste bins, where we tucked in!
It was a fun event, but we probably wouldn't do it again!  We can just tick it off the 'should do that one day' list, and be glad!

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