Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Nature's colours

The sea might have been cold and grey today, but the rock face at the top of the beach is always bright and cheerful!
You've got to admire the optimism of these plants, clinging to the rocks and crevices, finding precious little sandy soil to grow in!
And talking of optimists .....  I am not sure if this raft has just arrived on the overnight tide, or maybe someone is planning an adventure later today!
On the headland, the ling heather, behind this pretty pink cross-leaved heath, is just about to come out,
and the lovely bluebell of Scotland, the harebell, has been flowering for a few weeks now.
I love the fuchsia colour of the bell heather, and the very soft mauve tinge of the unglamorously named pignut - below.  It's such an unfortunate name for a very pretty, delicate flower.

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