Sunday, 5 July 2015

Summer hols at last!

Do you remember that glorious prospect, the day after breaking up from school, of six to eight weeks of summer holidays, stretching ahead of you?  No school, no homework, just time to play and flop.  What joy!

I walked along the beach at Tyninghame with two friends on Friday afternoon.  It was a beautiful summer's day.  There were a few brave souls in the water - mostly children.  This little group of four were having a blast!  One little girl was so keen to get on with her holiday, she was frolicking in the sea, still wearing her school uniform!!  Brilliant.

I love the looping, dried stems of the brown seaweed, kelp.  It twists and turns into lovely shapes, eventually losing the brown outer skin and turning white.  It creates flowing sea sculptures all by itself!

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