Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sky high

Yesterday saw the skies above the wood full of aircraft of all shapes and sizes!  Chinook helicopters, a spitfire, the Royal Jordanian Falcons, and the RAF's Hawk T2 were all part of the East Fortune Airshow, which takes place two or three fields away.  The two highlights of the day were the Red Arrows, and the RAF's Typhoon Eurofighter, who all took a couple of seconds to whizz up from their bases at RAF Scampton and Coningsby, respectively, in Lincolnshire.

We drove up the road and stood on the hill to watch the spectacular Red Arrows.  They thrilled and took our breath away.  The sun was shining bright and my photos were purely guesswork - most of them of empty sky!  The display moves so quickly across the sky that I couldn't really keep up!
The airshow was rounded off by the Typhoon.  We stood on the roadside verge at the end of the drive, and covered our ears!  It's a terrifying thing.  When it zoomed overhead, the sound was so loud I felt mildly sick, once it had passed!  The pilot threw it around the sky in a spectacular display of power and control. At one point he flew it at an angle, like a dog sitting up and begging - as in the photo below.  It progressed across the valley, from one side to the other, in this position.  It must be an extraordinary skill to do that, tempering the power of that incredible aircraft.  

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