Thursday, 2 July 2015

Open gardens

The gardens at Tyninghame House were open on Sunday, under the Yellow Garden Scheme.  Two gardens - a walled garden, and the garden of the big house itself.  

Mr Gaucho and I had a very enjoyable wander around both.  We started with the walled garden.  It is a fabulous garden, extensive, varied and interesting.

We loved the conservatory, attached to the house.  It was warm and welcoming in there.  The French Godin stove would mean it would be just as cosy in the winter.

I adore old roses.  Look at these.  Eat your heart out Fantin de Latour!
The west wall of the courtyard is planted up very informally.  It has a lovely combination of  tall, billowing sweet rocket and a deep, dark rose.  Delicious!
There are a few showy flowers I always enjoy - roses, peonies, poppies, delphiniums etc - but generally I really love the small, more timid plants, which have simple flowers, but even so punch above their weight in the garden!
A rogue elephant's ear, 'Bergenia cordifolia 'Purpurea'.
There is a lot of statuary, which I think always adds an interesting dimension to a garden.  
This is the hand of St Baldred, holding a bowl of moss!
No idea who this chap is, but he is rather decorative, in a simple sort of a way!
The peonies were as glorious and voluptuous as any flower could possibly be.
And in complete contrast, the spikes of a towering thistle.
We moved on to the garden of Tyinghame House.  This is the Secret Garden.  I felt as though I had never seen so many plants together in one place.  It was just stuffed full of glorious things.
It is an imposing house, with an interesting history

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