Tuesday, 3 November 2015

On the cusp

I have just looked up the definition of 'cusp', before using it here, because I like to use a word that has truth attached to it.  I want to show that the great outdoors is on the brink of tipping over from autumn into winter, and 'cusp' is the very word to use because it means the point where two curves meet.  There's more to it than that, of course, but for the purposes of this post, I think that we have reached that very point in the year, which I hope these few photos demonstrate.

The first day of November was glorious - clear blue sky, still plenty of warmth in the sun, berries shining brightly in the hedgerow, and a great day for a walk.  
The second day of November, and the sweet peas have risen to the challenge I set them every year - they are still blooming in November - just!  Here are a few of the survivors.  Bless their hearts, and many, many thanks to them for being such fragrant little stars all summer long!
The third day of November, and there's a frost!  There are magical, tiny spider webs strung between fallen leaves, and around seed heads, in the daintiest of necklaces.


  1. Beautiful, atmospheric photos, showing the frost-rimed leaves, the spider web festoons and the Autumn palette, such a difference to the previous sunny, warm days.

  2. I love this time of year! The wood is quietly falling to bits - with such grace and colour! Everything seems to have a sharp focus when the sun is shining - just so lovely!

  3. Cusp is such a great word! And you have captured it perfectly.
    Winter is on the way and the countryside seems to have its natural Christmas 'feel' already...x

    1. Classic November weather this week! Fog. x

  4. We have fog too? Weird Australian weather and tornados yesterday in Melbourne.
    Perhaps some mysterious, mystical fog photos would be the thing...aka Pea Soup Pictures!!! x