Sunday, 1 November 2015

Torridon and Diabaig

When I looked out of the window of our B&B bedroom on Thursday morning, there was a suggestion of a sunrise in the sky.  It didn't come to much and remained grey all morning.  We were heading to a little cafe, at the end of road (literally) in Diabaig.  It's a long twisty road, through the village of Torridon, and on through a rocky landscape until we dropped down in to the hamlet of Diabaig.  The drive takes one hour and ten minutes (if you don't stop off anywhere), and fifteen minutes by boat from our B&B!!!  This is not an easy part of the world to get from A to B.  It all takes time, along narrow, scenic routes.
 Torridon is a long, straggly village with these hills as its backdrop.
On a stony outcrop, jutting out into the loch, Torridon has a hidden outdoor chapel amongst the rocks.  It was used during the Reformation, when the churches had been destroyed, and it is still used on occasion, for weddings (the bride would need wellies to get there), and informal evening services, with candles tucked away in the rock crevices.  There is a natural pulpit for the minister, and it is a delightful little treasure.
We continued our drive around the coast, up and over the hills, bordering Loch Torridon,
to the end of the road, in Diabaig.
The cafe, Gille Brighde (which is Gaelic for oystercatcher) is in the old schoolhouse.  It's a little gem of a place, having just won the best eatery award in the Highlands and Islands.  I am in awe of the logistics of producing good, interesting food in such a remote location.  The drive is not for the faint-hearted, and deliveries need to be made!  It's impressive stuff!
 And then the return journey, all the way back 
to Arrina, and a little respite before setting off again, for dinner at the Applecross Inn, half an hour away!

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  1. Long winding roads...are more adventurous than narrow straight ones!
    Can really see where much of country Victoria got their building style and divisional walls in fields Amazingly like some parts of 'over here'.
    Looks so utterly wild and beautiful, though a little remote for me permanently ...but gorgeous to 'get away from it all'
    Photos are fab and your words engaging.....lovely A.