Thursday, 12 November 2015

The lull before the storm

Although we live on the south east coast of Scotland, we will still be blown to be bits over the next few hours by Abigail, the first UK winter storm to be given a name.  The north west coast and the Western Isles are really going to get A BIG GALE - so sayeth the weather man!  

Early this morning there was gentle sunshine, a soft blue sky, and very little wind, so Tilly and I got out while the going was good.  We had a lovely walk, with the exception of a very sad little interlude when we came across a dead young hare.  I couldn't see any reason why it should have died.  A beautiful creature, still bright of eye, and unblemished.  We walked on, but my heart was heavy.  
The Christmas Brussel sprouts are coming along well.  I love the little flash of violet at the base of each leaf stem.
Earlier in the year I posted three photographs of this view, charting its progress through the Spring, as it turned from brown to green.
Now we are in late autumn, there are some lovely russet colours running through the hedge, and the sprout tops in the foreground give a lacy texture.
I think Abigail has just shown up.  Wind and lashing rain outside.  The woodburner is just lit, and I am going to draw the curtains now, to shut it all out!


  1. Ooh, batten down those hatches, dear Mrs Gaucho! And stay safe. Pretty blustery here on the edge of Exmoor too but not Abigail strength - yet.

    1. The morning after - and it wasn't that bad in the end! Heavy rain at six o'clock this morning, but no roaring of wind through the trees overnight. A bit blowy today, but lo, the sun is shining! A x

  2. Abi - GAIL...such an apt name! Hope all is well....superb shot of 'the view'....I remember it clearly from our visit.
    Stay safe, warm and cosy