Thursday, 27 April 2017

A flower a day, on Colonsay

My mother, Nancy, was born one hundred years ago today.  27 April 1917.  I have decided to post a photograph of a Colonsay flower every day that we are here, and Mum loved bluebells, so here is the first flower, just for her.

The native British bluebell, Hyacinthoides non-scripta 


  1. What a perfect way to remember Nancy. Somewhere, I still have the letters she wrote to me, when you and I were very much younger. So, this seems to be exactly the right time to seek them out again.DX

  2. Wow 100 years ago! That's quite something to get my head around! Lovely tribute! X

    1. Imagine how old that makes me feel! Having said that, I was a post WW2 baby, when I think many women were starting their families in their thirties, once all the chaps were back from the war. And now they seem to wait until they are in their forties, but for completely different reasons!

  3. It's all topsy turvey really! At some point it will change again! On April 9th my dad would have been 90! Born in 1927... that gave me a start when I realised that! X