Saturday, 29 April 2017

The other book festival

The timing of our holiday on Colonsay is to coincide with the island's Book Festival.  In its sixth year, to my mind, it comes a close second to the Borders Book Festival, where I work in the bookshop.
To step out of the venue to be greeted with this view - well, it knocks spots off the Edinburgh Book Festival!
Today, I went to listen to Sue Townsend, cookery writer and novelist.  She is a delightful lady and certainly has my respect, having been the winner of the second year of Masterchef, back in the days of Lloyd Grossman.  Unfortunately, this afternoon, I was sitting behind Scottish novelist Alexander McCall Smith (who I am going to hear tomorrow), and he is quite a solid chap, so as he moved about, I was ducking back and forth, trying to keep the speaker in view.  At least I won't have that problem tomorrow!

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  1. Colonsay is certainly an interesting place! How special to have a book festival ... intimate and fun! I read a little about Colonsay... apparently they found middens with crushed hazelnuts in... thought to be a large producer of them back in that day! The islanders were largely vegetarians! Makes sense - enjoy! X