Saturday, 29 April 2017

Saturday's grande flower

The gardens of Colonsay House were laid out during the 1930s.  Covering over 20 acres, much of the garden is woodland, with an impressive collection of rhododendrons.  The gardens were neglected for many years and it must be quite a task to reclaim them, but bit by bit the owners are getting there.  There are areas where today's flower, rhododendron grande, Rhododendron argenteum, make you feel as though you have landed in a world of giants.  The leaves are ginormous.  I laid a beech leaf in the middle of one of last year's leaves, to give a sense of proportion.  It is slightly bonkers.


  1. At last I'm up-to-date with your blog - today is the first time I've read it since your little boy's 1st birthday. I've got a rescue dog now so my hands are rather full, plus the walking and driving, getting him used to travelling with me. !Still only shortish journeys)
    A holiday on a Hebridean island sounds absolutely idyllic, magical and utterly relaxing - I envy you. Looking forward to many more photos of the flora and fauna while you're there (especially the elusive Corncrake if you get half a chance.) Enjoy your time there and hopefully go back home refreshed in every way.

    1. Lovely to hear from you, thank you, and delighted to know you have a new four-legged companion! He's a lucky chap - I know you will give him a happy life. Hooray for both of you!
      Colonsay is rather special! We love it here. Haven't heard the corncrake yet, but still plenty of time yet - fingers crossed it will turn up next week. My cousin is coming up from Totnes to join us for five days, and I know she would be thrilled to hear it, even if we don't see it, in amongst those reeds!

  2. What a special flower! We have rhododendrons in our garden in Surrey growing up before we moved to Hampshire! Do you have any photos of Colonsay House! Would be interested to know what it was built from! I'm assuming all local materials as transporting would have been tricky! X