Friday, 22 June 2018

Along the Brunstane Burn

My little grandson and I took a walk along the Brunstane Burn this morning.  It is a fast moving stream which skirts the very outskirts of Edinburgh and runs out into the sea near Musselburgh.  It also runs along the back of the house so is very easy to access.  We walked along to the grounds of Newhailes House, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.  Good stuff for a wee boy with chickenpox!!
The flower of the hogweed.  Such an unattractive name for one of my favourite summer flowers and seedheads.
 Bramble flowers, looking lovely before morphing into a juicy blackberry later in the summer.
 Under the main railway line bridge, which echoes when you call 'cuckoo'.
Along the bank of the burn there were the huge umbrella leaves of butterbur, Petasites hybridus.  It has a rather unexciting stumpy pink flower in early spring and then produces enormous rhubarb-like leaves, which create a cool green world along the banks of rivers and streams during the summer. 
Newhailes House is owned by the National Trust for Scotland ( and is undergoing a massive refurbishment of house and gardens, especially the walled garden.  It is a very elegant house, and always reminds me of a French chateau.
My grandson and I walked along in the sunshine, in front of the ha-ha, across the grass from the house.  The little chap was trying to work out who the other little boy was, accompanying us on our walk.  His shadow skipped just ahead of him!

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  1. Such a great adventure to go on. Lucky C that you are able to take him along and have such fun. The house is stunning and very much stuck in a field, how very french!
    Enjoy the lazy hazy summer days. xxxxx