Thursday, 21 June 2018

Garden notes - Summer solstice

Our little inner garden is exactly one year old this month, and it is bringing us lots of pleasure.  
Storm Hector did his best to dislodge the young runner bean tendrils, but the plants are made of sterner stuff and seem to be carrying on regardless.  Thank goodness!
I call our garden inside the wall the inner garden, and on the other side there is a completely different arrangement, but it is still part of the garden to me!  The outer garden.  The old farm track leading to the cottages is wild, and has been beautiful over the past few weeks with cow parsley and a few ox eye daisies I have planted.  I knew them as moon daisies when I was a little girl.  The rambling honeysuckle has been out for a few days now.  Not so wild, but spectacular this year, were the lilac trees.  A towering wall of fragrance and flowers.
On the outer side of our garden wall I have a collection of plants which I hope are going to be able to cope with very poor stoney ground, high winds and dry conditions.  So far, so good!  Nothing died during our long miserable winter and everything is looking remarkably healthy. 


  1. What an amazing transformation and it looks so beautiful- especially against that stone wall! You have a keen eye and you are a great plantsperson!
    You may have lost your previous garden but this one has bought it to life once more!
    Congratulations on such vision xx

    1. Thanks Mrs E! The stone wall is a gift I must say! Very lucky to have found this place! Hope you will come and see us one day before too long. A xx