Monday, 4 June 2018

Old haunt revisited

The dogs and I walked round a favourite field this afternoon.  It is on the edge of the wood, where we lived for six years.  I could always be fairly sure of seeing hares in the field, and today I was not disappointed.  I saw five.  They were some distance away, but nevertheless, they made my day!


  1. So glad you are re-visiting old ground...and great to see so many hares. Majestic creatures and so well camouflaged. Looks so lush and green.
    We sent to Mansfield last weekend to a 3000 acre property. It was so amazing and I walked dry creek beds and up and down dale. I absolutely felt a sense of freedom Even practised some meditation on a dry creek bed slab of rock. I was also followed along on my walk by a very curious kookaburra. Every time I tried to get a photo, he would fly a bit further about dangling the carrot. Made me laugh and him too.
    Happy walking to you. Lots of love xx

    1. Your walk sounds great! Delighted you found a route which gave a sense of a real walk and freedom because I know you struggle with the lack of places to wander free, as we have here. Next time - whenever that may be - perhaps we can retrace your steps, and persuade the kookaburra to come along too! A xx