Sunday, 3 June 2018

Blooming marvellous

We have really been enjoying the colours the tulips have brought to the garden this year.  They are all over now and the flowerbed is moving into a new, less showy but equally beautiful phase.  The most spectacular bulbs have been the tulip princess and her four companions.  Here she is on 5 May,
then 7 May, 
 19 May
1st of June, sheltering under an umbrella from a very heavy thunderstorm.  I wasn't quite ready to part with her yet!
Yesterday, 2 June,
and finally this evening, 3 June, with one petal fallen but still sassy and glamorous, and still packing a punch in the flowerbed!


  1. So gorgeous and I don't blame you for the umbrella cover. So glad you are getting so much enjoyment from your new garden. A way to heal the wounds of the loss of your stunning previous garden. Looking forward is the best remedy and making it a special place. Lots of love xx

    1. Thanks Sally. The inner, and outer, gardens are not looking too bad at the moment! Everything seems to have survived the ghastly endless winter weather and doing their best to look beautiful. Very happy with that! A xx