Monday, 9 July 2018

Garden notes - during Wimbledon!

The garden marches on into July.
My mother grew regale lilies in big old terracotta pots and I always loved them.  I have wanted to grow them all my adult life and FINALLY I bought some bulbs and here they are - looking regal, and smelling delicious.  Wafts of scent blowing around the garden.  


  1. You garden looks really clever are you to create such a mini master piece in such a short time frame. Such talent. Well done.. it looks A..mazing.

    Love xxx

    1. Thanks Mrs E. The flowers are just doing their thing - not a lot to do with me!! I have just crammed them in as it is such a small space, and they are getting on it, bless their hearts! I keep taking photos because in the depths of winter they will serve as a happy reminder of a pretty summer! Love to all. A xx