Monday, 2 July 2018

Walking closer to home

Turning right off our drive, on to a grassy path, I can walk down to the sea.  It only takes about ten to fifteen minutes, depending on how many times I stop, or how many times the dogs call the shots.  There are lots of good things to see along the way.
White convolvulus, field bindweed - Convolvulus pluricaulis.  In 1936, the celebrated American artist Georgia O'Keeffe painted this flower, calling it 'Jimson Weed'.  The painting was commissioned by the cosmetics executive Elizabeth Arden, to hang in the exercise room of the new Arden Sport Salon in New York. 
In the dunes behind the beach there was a great big patch of lady's bedstraw.  It has a delicious spicy scent and I could smell it before I could see it!
The gardener's nightmare weed, ground elder, is now flowering.  Actually it is a very handsome plant when it gets to this stage, and works very well as a cut flower.  I have had a pot on the dining table for a couple of weeks now, mixed in with a few other bits and pieces, and it looks lovely!
Below, hedge woundwort, Stachys sylvatica which, here, sat rather beautifully in front of the leaves of cow parsley, which have taken on a purple colour as they have aged.

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  1. It all just looks so beautiful...cant beat a good UK summer. I can smell the sea and the flowers from here.
    We are having a wonderful cold spell, but I am loving it.
    Enjoy it all xx