Thursday, 26 July 2018

Hottest day of the year!

The car said it was 29 degrees here today.  Not bad going for the east coast of Scotland!  

We've just had a fleeting shower of pint sized drops of rain, lasting about 45 seconds, which has released the most wonderful summery smells from the prairie grasses on the other side of our fence.   Red gold sunlight, a beautiful end to a beautiful summer's day.


  1. Ahh stunning, we had a wonderful blood moon here last night. Now rain is on its way for the weekend, but after months of sunshine we're not minding too much!

    1. You lucky bean! We looked and looked, but too much cloud last night. Yet another astronomical phenomenon I've missed! So frustrating! A friend of mine Australia, in the Mornington Peninsula, posted a fabulous photo of the blood moon yesterday. I am about to do a post about another magical event in the skies though! Happens every year, but never fails to give me goose bumps - the Red Arrows! Lovely to hear from you. A xx