Saturday, 28 July 2018

Goose bumps!

With a mystified audience of extremely woolly sheep, spectators started to gather for the annual thrill in the skies above East Lothian.  The red blood moon last night was no competition for today's event.  In any case, the moon was a non-event for us because of cloud cover yesterday.  Typical, after so many clear summer nights over the past few weeks!
As one o'clock approached, more and more people parked along the country lane, which has spectacular views of the airshow at East Fortune, and across the valley to the Lammermuir Hills.  While we waited a rainstorm of impressive proportions moved towards us from the south east.  Luckily, the torrential rain had cleared through by the time the main event came roaring in from the west.  The Red Arrows.  They never fail to give me goose bumps!  
They roared and swooped around the skies, thrilling us all with their precision and skill, but away to the south east another belt of heavy rain appeared and was heading in our direction.  The planes did another spectacular pass and then, in a programme which I think was cut short to avoid being enveloped in a blinding storm of rain, they swooshed off over the North Sea, 
 and were gone, for another year.
The sheep just carried on grazing, no doubt wondering what all the fuss had been about!


  1. They really are spectacular, aren't they? I last saw them a few years ago at the Fowey Regatta, where I stood on a clifftop overlooking the harbour and the Red Arrow planes flew straight towards us from the sea, lifting over our heads at the last minute. Everyone ducked!!! As always, they put on a heart-stopping display before going off to their next venue.

    1. Love love love the Red Arrows! Great to hear from you and hope you are well and enjoying the amazing summer down there in Cornwall! A