Monday, 27 May 2013

Corrugated countryside

As I passed by yesterday I noticed how quickly the potatoes are growing in the field and took a quick pic to keep followers of Spud Watch up to date.
East Lothian grows a lot of vegetables of all types.  This year there seems to be an enormous number of potato fields.  They are immaculately prepared and from a distance look like sheets of corrugated cardboard!
In the photograph below you can just about make out a railway track.  It's the main line from Edinburgh to London.
Yesterday, Sunday, Tilly and I had a lovely early morning walk in the sunshine.  We saw a few hares, a couple of them sitting down low in their forms with their leverets.  We also passed this lovely crab apple tree.  It's blossom laden branches hang over a little stream which runs alongside the edge of the field.  In the autumn the little round ochre coloured apples will be carpeting the ground and also falling into the water, where they will bob along down the stream in a lovely yellow-green procession.

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